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The System for Award Management (SAM) is the Official U.S. Government system that consolidated the capabilities of CCR/FedReg, ORCA, and EPLS.


Ring Panel Filters

FEATURESRing Panel Filters offer a variety of styles, multiple filtration media layers and performance levels for most applications. The Ring Panel Filters are offered in (1/2": PR-5), (1": PR-10) or (2": PR-20) nominal thicknesses for a broad range of dust loading applications.

The Ring Panel Filters PR-5, PR-10 and PR-20 filters are constructed with multiple layers of progressively dense, 100% non-woven polyester media. The media layers are thermally sealed around an internal wire frame. A center wire support strut prevents the filter media from ballooning during operation. The progressively dense orientation of each media layer enables the small micron size particles to depth load within the filter. The last layer of media incorporates a non-migratory, in-line tackifier that is bonded to the media fibers allowing maximum use of the filter's upstream layers. The in-line tackifier will not shed and contaminate equipment downstream of the filter. The Ring Panel Filters shall incorporate sufficient media overlap around the filter's perimeter to prevent contaminants from bypassing around the holding frame.

The Ring Panel Filters can be used in a variety of HVAC applications and are commonly used as the air intake filter for spray paint booths. The filters are manufactured with components impervious to moisture, which makes them excellent for rooftop units and HVAC applications plagued with high humidity. The filters are durable; incorporating a heavy-duty internal framework, they are less likely to suffer damage during transit. Whether used as the primary or the pre-filter to extend the life of more expensive final filters, the Phoenix Series offers value and performance not found in other filters.

Ring Panel Filters shall be constructed utilizing layers of 100% non-woven polyester media. For optimum performance, the air leaving side of the products shall be treated with a non-toxic, non-migratory adhesive. An internal wire frame shall be thermally sealed within the filter to maintain integrity. A thermal seal shall extend around the perimeter edge of the internal wire frame and on both sides of the center wire support strut, ensuring the permanent bond of all media plies. There shall be sufficient media overlap to ensure a positive seal between the filter and the holding frame, eliminating the possibility of air bypass and the need for supplemental gasketing.
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